HTML5 Video Players

I remember back in summer of 2005 teaching myself basic ActionScript to create a custom video player for my website. It took months of work and the best playback solution was an FLV video. Thankfully times are quickly changing with HTML5 media and emerging JavaScript libraries.

Flash still has a purpose when necessary, but most web developers would agree that the future of Internet video is HTML5. Two scripts I would highly recommend are Video.js and MediaElement.js. The first is much simpler but also limited with basic functionality.

Google’s missing keywords

With Google’s Hummingbird update has come the news that the search giant will no longer provide website owners with keyword information. So what will this mean for your business? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways for you to carry on ensuring ROI for your site.

The importance of testing your website before going live

This is what happens when you don’t do a thorough end-to-end testing of your website before launch. Here at Dank Designs we won’t let this happen to your business click here

How social media can help your business

How social media can help your business grow in brand awareness and wealth. Social media the new “word of mouth